Sarah Kelly

Teachers - Junior High - Grade 8/9

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About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah Kelly and this is my eighth year teaching in the Sahtu region. I am so excited to teach a variety of Grade 7-12 courses this year, including ELA and Social Studies 8/9, ELA 7, Grade 12 Philosophy, Postcolonial Literature and more! I am also so glad to be a part of our school's Rainbow United GSA and the fourth Pride Week in Norman Wells. We live in a pretty awesome community!

I am originally from Toronto, Ontario and one of my bucket list goals is to have Tim Horton's in each province and territory. I am about two thirds there (Manitoba, PEI, New Brunswick and Nunavut to go!) I also enjoy reading, gardening, sending snail mail and travelling. I am currently planning a trip to South Africa and I am very excited about it! My grandmother used to say "life is a special occasion" so yes, I'm pumped for my travel adventures but I also feel very lucky to be living the good life here among the awesome people of Norman Wells :)

Cheers to a great year of fun and learning for all!

-Sarah/ Ms. Kelly :)