Michael Duclos


About Me


My name is Michael Duclos and I reside in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories with my wife, Sheila and my now four children, Oakley, Oliver, Oriana, and Odaya. After graduating from the Concurrent Education program at Lakehead University in Thunderbay, Ontario just over eleven years ago, my wife and I decided to be different so instead of going to Korea or England to teach like many of my classmates, we traveled north. We came to Norman Wells looking for an adventure and found a home. We both began teaching in the kindergarten to twelve school, Sheila in upper elementary and myself in senior high humanities.

Then, after three years of teaching, the principal job became available. I applied and got it. Becoming an administrator has given me a much more thorough understanding of the education system as a whole and has extended my interest in maximizing learning. I love being the team leader here at MMS and hope to continue doing so for many years to come!

The transition from teacher to principal was challenging in that I had to adjust the friendships I had made with fellow staff members, but overall I found the adjustment to be somewhat painless. I believe that because of my friendly demeanor and firm but fair attitude, staff has accepted me as their leader. Certainly, the part I miss the most about teaching is being with the students. Thus, I still teach one course per semester (Creative Writing and Technology Studies this year!) just so that I can still stay current in the practice of teaching and stay familiar with the tremendous amount of work that is teaching. I find that often administrators are so tied down with paperwork that they miss the beauty and essence that is a school.

I also run the drama club and and coach basketball!

MMS is the best!

Yours Truly,

Michael Duclos, Principal Extraordinaire


PS- For those of you who don’t know a lot about the North…

1. It is 24-hour darkness in the winter (just about anyways) and 24-hour sunlight in the summer. Needless to say, people are generally more energetic in the summer months…

2. Norman Wells is only accessible to drive to in the winter via the ice road. The Mackenzie River is not an easy swim.

3. Vampires do hunt during the dark months. When out walking, please always carry a piece of garlic to fend them off and a copy of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer to use as tinder to start a fire if cold.


I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my brief northern exposé.